Welcome to Yacht Creative

         A boat is a tool designed for a purpose.  Boats do more than carry cargo to distant shores, they also carry people, and their dreams, cultures, and technologies with them. 

    Yacht design requires a great deal of expertise in technical science and engineering. It also requires a great deal of human exploration through boat building, sailing, and understanding people and the life of the sea.

    A Naval Architect, boat builders, engineers, crew and the owner all contribute to this process from the beginning of the design, to the launching of the boat. Designing and building a boat should be one of the great experiences in a lifetime.

    In this collection I explore different styles of sailing and power yachts. Some of these designs are inspired by cultural influences, and others are shaped  more by technology and boat building exploration. This collection is the product of a long journey, and more creative designs are yet to come…..


    Here is my new website. You can switch off the slider if you which to visit this site in a standard format. Just click on the arrow of the top and bottom menu to see the content of this website. New design will be publish soon.  

    Latest Design

    Aerion is a 14 m forward cockpit catamaran. She is light and very comfortable and fast, with an aeronautical touch.

    New Ages Designs  is an exploration of classic styles from the past, combined with high tech modern themes.