Yacht Design Paul De Saint Front

Paul De Saint Front


Design Considerations

   Designing a yacht is a team effort, requiring cooperation between the owner, the architect, and the builder of the vessel. The Society of Naval Architects has published a Charter of Naval Architecture that defines the role of each party, along with a code of good conduct for all parties involved in the design process. I invite you to read the Charter of Naval Architecture published by IFAN (Institue Francaise des Architect Navales). This charter will also define what a Naval Architect is, his responsibilities, and give answers to many frequently asked questions. 

Classifications Society compliant designs

   All designs comply with the rules and guidelines of the Classification Society. We assist with the supervision of the Classification Society, and provide all documentation required to obtain approval and certification. The choice of which Classification Society to use for certification depends on the type and size of the boat. For most sailing and power craft under 24 Meters we recommend the ISO and ABS rules. For sailing and power craft larger than 24 Meters we recommend either the Bureau Veritas, or Lloyd Rules