Yacht Design Paul De Saint Front

Paul De Saint Front

Custom Design

    A boat is a combination of many requests and specifications that should bond together with harmony, and efficiency.

 Yacht design is a long and demanding creative process that begins with a study of the owner’s requirements and specifications. Owners are welcome to provide sketches or pictures as examples of the boat that they wish to build, or explore the option of modifying and adapting an existing design from the architects design collection

There are many options in the market for an owner looking to build a boat. Many architects offer stock design plans at affordable rates which allow the owner to build the vessel themselves or with a boat yard. The boat that you build will ultimately be a product of the choices and decisions that you make. Factors such as materials, construction methods, and the boat yard that you choose will all contribute to the end result.

A well designed boat should satisfy the owner’s requirements while matching the boatyards techniques and capacity. Often an attractive stock design plan does not truly fit or satisfy those requirements, besides to modify a design plan special attention and understanding are needed to keep the delicate balance of form and function without upsetting the performance and handling of the boat.

Boat building in Asia is very different from boat building in Europe. In Asia a prototype can often be built at the same cost as a production series vessel or second hand boat from Europe. This difference in production cost provides owners with an opportunity to build custom projects at great savings. Beside the savings in production costs, Naval Architect fees are often lower than the cost of a broker’s fee worldwide.

The development and networking of the www.promaritim.com community and its 450 members across Asia allows us to draw upon great resource in the industry while offering you world class service at a competitive and affordable price.

I will soon be offering a selection of small yacht stock design plans, which will be based upon my private design study rather than custom design requests. This focus on my own private design study is in keeping with my standards and an interest in protecting both the owner’s satisfaction and my own good name in the industry. 

I recommend taking full advantage of the Asian market environment and building the custom design boat that will satisfy both your dreams and your design specifications. I can perform a preliminary design study, and if my proposal pleases you I will be happy to further develop the design to accommodate and satisfy your vision for your dream boat.