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Paul De Saint Front

Rigging Equipment

 Every rig has its own peculiar characteristics. With proper handling the Paplillon sail is a suspended rig that can be manipulated in any direction with very simple equipment.

The choice of the equipment depend on the loads on the rig and the capacities of your manufacturer. We offer some design advice for simple equipment scenarios and systems that can be built and assembled by any builder.

The sail is controlled in each corner with a sheet, a topping lift and a tack-tackle, and raise on top of a small mast with a regular halyard that can be equipped with a rotating head mast.

The sheet

The sheet is a standard sail sheet that slides on a rail fixed to the deck.

Lazy/flab line system

This system is a combination of a lazy-jack, and a flab line. It allows you to hold the boom up, and to guide the sail when it is low down to the boom. This system also allows you to raise the whole sail vertically along the mast like a flab line.



The Tack-tackle

The tack-tackle is mounted on to an arm at the base of the deck that can rotate 180 degrees on each side of the mast. This arm allows you to set the sail downwind of the mast before tacking, and to incline the sail longitudinally. 



Topping lift

This system allows you to incline the sail transversely. The extremity of the antenna is equipped with two ropes on each side of the sail, which are connected on each side of the deck near to the steering area. The topping lift is equipped with an elastic system that brings it close to the mast where it will be out of the way of the sail (downwind).