Yacht Design Paul De Saint Front

Paul De Saint Front

How Does it Work

This sail allows you to explore many different riggings, from a lateen and other classic rigs, to modern sail applications. It is an excellent pedagogical rig.

Fix mode for beginners

Beginners can fix the tack behind the mast without any other setting system. In this mode you will learn how to set the angle of the sail with the sheet only in function of the wind direction. 


Using the tack-tackle

This system allows you to move the position of the center of effort of your sail and to shift the whole sail from one side of the mast to the other. Lowering the center of effort will allow you to reduce the heeling angle of the boat, without reducing the surface area of your sail.


Using the topping Lift

This feature is used to perform fine settings with your sail in order to gain power and efficiency. It also allows you to set your sail in sustention if you wish to explore this configuration.


The Papillion sail is partial arc of a circle which can be reduced only at the aft end of the boom. No need to low down the sail with the halyard, all you need to do is let the tack-tackle out to low down the boom. The reduction of sail area takes only a few seconds and is much safer and easier than any other rig.