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Paul De Saint Front


Papillon is one of my early designs. She was build to develop new rig such as the Papillon sail. She was built in radius chine with plywood and strip planking, using a simple structure that could allow for major hull transformation. She is still one of my favorite boats to sail, and I enjoy the features of the Papillon rig very much.

The Papillon boat was designed to hold water ballast in a removable tank, but I never use this ballast feature even in rough wind because the sail is easy to rife and I was able to low down the center of the effort instantly. Much thanks to my cousin Oliver Tarot who shares his sail making knowledge with me and helped to develop this sail. 

Specifications overview
architect: Paul de Saint Front
LOA (length overall): 5.8 m
BOA (beam overall): 2.05 m
Dt (draft underwater): 0.35 to 1 m (with board)
displacement (light): 350 kg
displacement (full): 900 kg
Sa (total sail area): 19 m²
ballast or keel mass: water ballast 150 l
hull material: Radius chine plywood/strip planking
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