Yacht Design Paul De Saint Front

Paul De Saint Front

Dewi Ratih

Dewi Ratih is a 36 m double ended sailing schooner inspired by Asian and Pacific boats from years past. Craft such as the Chinese Junk, the Vietnamese Cochinchine, and the Indonesian Phinisis all contribute to this modern design. Dewi Ratih is part of a project to launch a new boat building industry in Bali Indonesia using modern wooden boat building techniques and processes. Dewi Ratih design is flexible in that it can also be built with other materials such as steel,  or aluminum. Dewi Ratih can be manned by a small crew, and uses the latest deck and rigging equipment.

Specifications overview
architect: Paul de Saint Front
Lh (hull length on deck): 36 m
LWL (waterline length): 29 m
BOA (beam overall): 8.2 m
Dt (draft underwater): 3.5 m
displacement (light): 150 metric tons
Sa (total sail area): 400 m²
engines power: pending
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