Yacht Design Paul De Saint Front

Paul De Saint Front

Clic Clac

      Clic Clac is a fun little dinghy which can be rigged with many standard cat sails. I designed two different versions of the Clic Clac, one version for  the do it yourself home builder, and another version for production in a professional boat yard.

The home built version is simple to build with thin plywood, sheet stitch and glue technique.  The professional version is designed to be built in FRP from a female plug. Both versions are equipped with a center board which you can incline or slide out. The rudder can be kicked up by lifting the tiller and pulling it forward



Specifications overview
architect: Paul de Saint Front
LOA (length overall): 4 m
BOA (beam overall): 1.4 m
Dt (draft underwater): 0.1 to 0.7 m
Sa (total sail area): 7.5 m²
light weight: 70 kg
maximum load: 200 kg
hull material: all developable plywood
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