Yacht Design Paul De Saint Front

Paul De Saint Front
Specifications overview
architect: Paul de Saint Front
LOA (length overall): 14.83 m
Lh (hull length on deck): 14 m
LWL (waterline length): 11.65 m
BOA (beam overall): 4.26 m
Dt (draft underwater): 2 m
head room max: 2 m
displacement (light): 11850 kg
Sa (total sail area): 108.6 m²
engines power: 80 cv
propulsion drive: 1 saildrive
water capacities: 500 L
Cp (prismatic coefficient): 0.55
block coefficient: 0.403
rig type: marconi
Sa (total sail area): 108.6 m²
mainsail: 44.2 m²
genois: 46.7 m²
I: 15.18 m
J: 5.77 m
P: 12.67 m
E: 6.1 m
mast1: boom, genois furler, 2 spreader, lasy jack, mainsheet rail, 2 genois sheet rail
mast & spars material: wood, aluminum, multi options
winch: 6
winch handle: 4
winch handle box: 2
global interior layout
head room max: 2 m
maximum sleeping persons: 8
interior layout configuration: 1 master double cabine forward, 2 aft double cabines, 2 common toilet cabinet, kitchen, navigation station, 1 forward strorage compartment, 1 aft storage compartment, strorages, saloon, 1 hallway cabine
material of construction
hull material: wood strip planking, sandwich balsa/fiber, sandwich foam/fiber
deck material: sandwich balsa/fiber, wood veneer
roof and deck elements: plywood/wood veneer
keel configuration: fix keel bolt to hull
keel material: cast iron
rudder configuration: 1 spade rudder
engine room & propulsions
engins type: 1 inboard diesel engine
engines power: 80 cv
propulsion drive: 1 saildrive
fuel capacities: 200 L
Deck Equipments
deck equipments: forward balcony with seat, aft balcony with seat, forward windlass, 1 forward anchor, 1 aft anchor, bow rollers
Cleats: 2 Forward horn cleat, 2 aft horn cleat, 2 central bollard cleat
Windlasses & capstans: single anchor windlass
cockpit type: watertight
Cockpit: folding awning, steering wheel pedestal with navigation display, for 7 persons