Yacht Design Paul De Saint Front

Paul De Saint Front

Boat Design Experiences

  Naval Architecture is a field which requires not only a strong knowledge of science, physics, and mathematics, but it also requires real life experience with boat building, sailing and an artistic sensibility.

Throughout his career as a boatbuilder and sailor Paul has always been interested in naval architecture, and studying boat plans and designs. For Paul the sea is not a job, but a life, a reason d’être.

Naval Architecture is always on Paul’s mind whether he is taking the line and shape of a boat in order to build a scale replica for a museum, or studying the different rigs of sail on different boats, the craft is always foremost in his mind.

Three years of study in Yacht and PowerCraft Design have given Paul de Saint Front vision and perspective in regards to modern boat building and sailing technologies.  During his three years of study he had the opportunity to build lasting and productive relationships with other talented Naval Architects and sailors, such as Axel De beaufort, and Tanguy De Lamotte.

Paul de Saint Front uses the most advanced and powerful design software, such as Maxsurf, Multisurf, Solidworks, Cosmos, and Rhino. This assures that his designs are up to date with modern technologies, and manufacturing standards. While modern technologies and process are used to great effect in the design work, Paul has not forgotten his roots, and the feel for the craft that he enjoys so much.

He still takes lines of boats that present admirable features and style. Paul feels that it is good to use modern tools and techniques to their maximum effect, but it is also important to keep the craft and feel of boat building alive as well. It is perhaps this craft and artistic feel that produces the real beauty in boat building.

In 2006 Paul made his home on the island of Bali, not too far from his birthplace of Tahiti. There is something in the waters of the south pacific that he finds comforting and familiar. While the culture of Bali is far removed from the demands of the modern boat building industry, Paul still benefits from the active maritime culture that prevails not just in Bali, but throughout all of South East Asian waters.

Private yachts sail from Thailand to New Zealand, along the China coast, and the ports of call within the Polynesian, and Micronesian islands are dream destinations for skippers and captains who seek adventure and a clear horizon. It is in this climate that Paul is presently finding his inspiration and creative compass.