Yacht Design Paul De Saint Front

Paul De Saint Front

Sailing Exeperiences

Paul had the good fortune to grow up in surroundings that were ideal for sailing. As part of a famous sailing family on the Archipelago of Chausey which attracted some of the best yachts of the time, Paul had the rare opportunity to see and sail on yachts like the Winibelle, the Pen Duick VI, of the late Eric Tabarly, the Bisquines La Granvillaise, La Cancalaise, and the Lys Noir, as well as many others. 

Paul’s time at the Douarnenez Maritime Museum as an apprentice allowed him to become familiar with a rich variety of classic rigs such as Lateen, Lug, Gaff, and Square riggings. In 1988, Paul embarked onboard the three masted Belem as a carpenter and sailing instructor. In 1990 Paul was hired to complete the rigging of the BisquineLa Granvillaise” on which he sailed during her first season

In 1991 Paul successfully passed his Capacitaire, allowing him to become a skipper in Guyana, and the Caribbean. Since then he has often sailed as Skipper or Training Instructor on various types of boats from Bantry Bay gigs, to large schooners.  

  In 2014, Paul fly back to French Polynesia and own the ‘Skua” a Van de stadt 38 ft steel ketch, with which he will explore south pacific island from Marquis to Sydney via Cook, Fiji, Wallis and Futuna, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Marshal, New Caledonia Island. He land in Sydney The first December 2016 at Coffs Harbor.